And speaking of Carter Burwell…

1 February 2012 § 1 Comment

Did you know he also wrote scores for the Cohen Brothers? I was listening to the score to A Serious Man and the thing that stuck out the most to me was not something written by Burwell, though. It’s that Yiddish song that runs throughout the film and also throughout my head for several days after every viewing. I found a translation, and, of course, the lyrics are absolutely perfect…

Oh how many years
have passed
since i’ve been a miller here
the wheels turn
the years pass
i’m growing old and grey.

There are days
i want to remember
if i had a little happiness?
the wheels turn
the years pass
i don’t get any answers.

I heard it said
they want to drive me out
away from my village and away from the mill
the wheels turn
the years pass
without an end, without a goal.

Where will i live?
who will care for me?
i’m already old, i’m already tired
the wheels turn
the years pass
and with them, also go the jews.


Being a Film Score

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Listening back to the post of Morning Passages (from the score to The Hours) in honor of Philip Glass’s birthday, I was reminded of Carter Burwell’s haunting score to Being John Malkovich.

Mr. Glass is 75 today.

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