Hitchcock on the passions?

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The Blue Fairy

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Oklahoma… OK!

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Fish out of water.

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I cribbed this amusing clip from Paul F. Tompkins’ almost-equally-amusing tumblr blog. I get to watch these little weirdos live in front of a studio audience any time I wish at the delightful Oklahoma Aquarium here in Tulsa. As entertaining as I find the mudskipper, I can’t suppress the idea of stepping on one with my bare foot, accompanied by a very deep and hideous feeling of disgust.

We shouldn’t fight.

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With all the buzz about Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia lately, I’ve been interested in watching more of his films. Dogville is an old favorite, but there are many I haven’t seen, including Dancer in the Dark, which I just picked up from a friend. In anticipation of watching it soon, I wanted to listen to Bjork (the film’s star). And my…. this performance is wonderful….



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