B-b-baby Lovely Bloodflow

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American Gothic

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… and the models. Sweet.

Russian animation…

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I just watched this short cartoon from 1975 for the first time this morning. It won’t be the last time. I love it. I like what one person said on IMDB:

“It is quite possible this will not appeal to Western audience. You cannot explain what it’s about. All you have are those vague emotional harmonics, and image is too subtle, too airy and blurry, and has almost no color… I remember a guy working in a game publishing company explaining the differences in national color perception to me – Russia prefers barely saturated colors, while in the US and especially Japan it’s all about contrast and max saturation. The same for emotions, and the same for the plot – the stuff which appeals to westerners is always literal and to the point, while for Russians it should always be about hints and fuzzy shadows, as no one knows what he’s living for…”

Sometimes I feel like this.

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Andrew Wyeth, 1982

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