snow walk

11 January 2011 § Leave a comment

It was -6.11° celsius tonight. Though I lived through a Northern-Idaho winter, I’m still not used to this. I am a native born and raised Texan, after all.

Only a few minutes into my walk I wrapped my scarf around my face. Amazing how much that helped. With every step, I felt my 37° breath warm my cheeks, and chin and neck. I was happy for such an Amazonian inner body temperature.

It was so quiet…

Except for iPope, which slid Fripp & Eno into my ear canals…

Everything seems so clean in its white blanket. So… newborn. Before tires and shoes muck it up.

I became very conscious of my body. I thought of each step. One right after the other. I thought of my breathing… of the beating of my heart. Of the skin around my eyes.

But I also thought of things near yet away (so far away) from me.

At those times, especially, I looked up.

Stars. So naturally temporal, yet so steadfast.

A billion serene nuclear explosions. Such chaos and tranquility combined.

To die in an atomic blast….

is there any better death?


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