Come Wander With Me

2 January 2011 § Leave a comment

Okay, Okay…

The name of the problems in these two and a half minutes is legion. I switch words up at one point. The drum loop is… a bit silly (and not really what I would prefer–though it may have come the closest of all that was on offer). I’m sure there are balance issues galore. Dynamics? Naw, not really… There’s probably too much going on at some points, not enough at others. Overall, it’s just kinda boring… even for only being 2:28 long. And the song ends by quietly scampering offstage like a scared child. I’d rather it end very abruptly, actually. Or maybe slow fade. I dunno. I’d like to keep working on this one though. Anyway… I’m trying to learn. This is an early ride around the block.


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